Beth Morrison Projects has joined forces with Boston-based creator, librettist and producer, Cerise Lim Jacobs, and the Friends of Madame White Snake, a charity dedicated to building bridges through the arts, to bring cutting-edge opera-theatre projects to Boston.  These projects are rooted in story-telling that is inspired by ancient myths, biblical, literary and philosophical texts and American vernacular speech.  When melded with contemporary compositional voices and today’s leading theater and multi-media artists, these fantastical productions come vividly to life, probing intensely what the fusion of technology and art can achieve.  Boston audiences will not have seen opera projects delivered in such a way before.




Creator and Librettist:  Cerise Lim Jacobs

Composers:  Zhou Long (Madame White Snake); Paola Prestini (Gilgamesh); Scott Wheeler (Naga)

Director and production design:  Michael Counts

Conductors:  Carolyn Kuan, Julian Wachner, Lan Shui

Dramaturg:  Cori Ellison

Creative Producer: Beth Morrison


Beth Morrison Projects is a driving force in the difficult task of guiding new-music projects from conception to stage."

- The Boston Globe

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OUROBOROS is the ancient Greek word denoting the tail-devouring snake.  It represents the cycle of birth-death-rebirth, for as the snake eats itself it dies; yet its own body provides sustenance for its rebirth.  In Ouroboros Trilogy, this ever moving circle is depicted in our logo shown above – the Ouroboros is chasing its tail in a clockwise direction, as the three operas comprising the opera Trilogy also move in a clockwise direction.  Hence, we can start the Trilogy with any one of Naga, Madame White Snake or Gilgamesh, and indeed, we intend to do so.  We plan three cycles of the Trilogy and each cycle will start with a different opera.  As long as we move clockwise following the Ouroboros Snake, the three operas (each of which stand alone), will form a coherent whole.  We believe that any audience member who attends all three cycles will leave with a totally different experience of the whole, as one’s perspective is shaped by where you start.


Just as the Ouroboros Snake is reborn and reincarnated, so too does each opera in the Trilogy reincarnate one into the other.  The composers reincarnate, the conductors reincarnate and of course, the characters reincarnate from opera to opera.  Only Cerise, the librettist, and the director, Michael Counts, are the same through the three operas.  Michael brings visual unity to the whole and Cerise has built in structural unity by repeating certain key aria, words or phrases in all three opera.


More info at ouroborostrilogy.org