“[BMP] deserves credit for envisioning new possibilities and

finding ways to facilitate their realization”

- The New York Times

Jump into a space without bounds, constraints or restrictions. We make up the rules as we go. RULE #1: THERE ARE NO RULES. BMP: LIMITLESS brings four digital endeavors to screens in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom (we won’t tell). From the classroom to the club, we’ve got you covered.


IF YOU miss school: learn the tricks of the trade with BMP: Producer Academy.


IF YOU miss the heyday of MTV: come see some music videos and hang out in an artist’s studio

for a while with BMP: Beyond the Music.


IF YOU miss sitting in a theatre: join us for an evening of contemporary song with 21c Liederabend,

op. World Wide (digital).


IF YOU miss the backroom of the secret club: come find us at pssst...

Fall 2020

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing new works? Learn the tricks of the trade from the experts at BMP: Producer Academy. BMP’s Producer Academy will demystify the production process. From having a great idea to opening night to touring and more, we’ll help you form concrete skills to develop and produce new performance works.

August 4, 2020 - October 1, 2020

We are so excited to introduce you to this extraordinary cohort of creative producers and artists looking to widen their knowledge and expertise in the opera and larger performing arts industry!  Learn more about each participant in our inaugural BMP: Producer Academy.

pssst... Down the hall. Last door on the right. Knock three times. Welcome to our secret bar.


It’s not for everyone.


Are you game?

Sit back, look, and listen…. Join the next installment of BMP’s on-going series, the 21c Liederabend, a cycle of songs of our time from composers paired with visual artists. This version: op. World Wide (digital), featuring artists from around the globe.

Remember when music videos launched on MTV? We got the video, the artist showing off their studio, an intimate chat about process, and quick-fire trivia as well? We miss it too, so let’s bring it back. Works by your favorite composers, reinterpreted by your favorite visual artists launched with a whole lot of access.

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Photo credits: Acquanetta, Paula Court and Liederabend, Jill Steinberg