Curious? We thought you might be.


100 years is a long time. In 1920, Prohibition was the law of the land, and people sought sneaky ways to gather, socialize, imbibe and be fabulously entertained together. Speakeasies became the center of cultural life. Down the hall. Last door on the right. Knock three times.


Welcome to pssst…


Each time you walk through that door, it’s a new experience. You never know who you might run into, who might take the stage, who you might end up sitting next to at the bar. The bartenders know everyone’s secrets. Don’t worry, they never tell.

pssst... #1

July 9 & 10, 2020

8pm & 10pm shows each night

Strictly limited audience; $20/ticket

Welcome to pssst... #1 aka The Boot. The bar at the last stop at the edge of the meta-verse. Our Tender’s cosmic cocktail collapses time into a pancake, self into a digital wave of content riding on the broadest band. The jukebox at this joint remixes baroque with techno in an hour long departure from your self-isolated ab-normal. Come interact with new friends you’ve known forever. Sip into the singularity.


Written & Directed by Ashley Tata

Featuring Lauren WorshamIsaiah RobinsonJoseph KecklerSol and the Tribu and The Hogstad Brothers

Shh - Photo by Danny Garrity.png

Danny Garrity

pssst... #2


July 30 & 31, 2020
8pm & 10pm each night
Strictly limited audience; $20/ticket

An urgent guided transformation that strips away the debris of the digital space in search of reconnection. Using sight, sound, scent, touch and taste to draw ourselves towards each other.

Join us for a virtual ritual of words, songs, actions, dance and ultimately healing.


Directed & designed by Peabody Southwell

Featuring Mia Doi Todd, Jodie Landau, Cory Becker, Jasmine Albuquerque and more

Rena Butler photograph by Quinn Wharton

pssst... #3
8pm & 10pm each night
$20 ticket/Extremely limited audience


New bar, new director, new performers, new existence... still a secret.


Go somewhere you've never been.


This performance has been postponed.

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Beth Morrison Projects pays respect to the Lenape ancestors past, present, and future. While our staff is working from different remote locations and our work takes us to many unceded lands, we acknowledge that the BMP Brooklyn office is situated on the land of the Lenape people: Lenapehoking, the Lenape homeland.


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