"More than any other figure in the opera industry, Beth Morrison has helped propel the art form into the twenty-first century."

-Opera News

"Contemporary opera mastermind..."

-Los Angeles Times

"The creator of her own modern opera empire..."

-Huffington Post

“Vibrantly theatrical, genre-blurring, unusual in its techniques, eclectic in its musical style and politically charged.”

-The New York Times

"Visionary tastemaker, producer and BAM favorite Beth Morrison founder of Beth Morrison Projects and co-founder of the PROTOTYPE Festival, has been at the forefront of musical and theatrical innovation since 2006"

-Broadway World


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Musical America "Artist of the Year: Beth Morrison, Agent of Change"

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Opera News "The Edge of Innovation"

"Beth Morrison is her own genre."

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NPR All Things Considered "Meet The Producer Who Runs Her Opera Empire From A 2-Bedroom Apartment"

"When she's excited about something, she makes it happen."

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The New York Times "Ears for Opera, Eyes on the Future"

"Starting with a practical dreamer’s sophisticated gamble on a new paradigm for staging contemporary opera, the company is now a potent creative force."

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Huffington Post "Where Are All The Women in Classical Music?"

"The creator of her own modern opera empire..."

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American Theatre Magazine "Adventures in Indie Music"

"Her name has become synonymous with an imperturbable capacity for making things happen."

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Musical America "One to One Interview with Beth Morrison"

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NY Observer "The Opera Lady Who Likes It Crazy"

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Opera News  "New Kids on the Block"

"More than any other figure in the opera industry, Beth Morrison has helped propel the art form into the twenty-first century."

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Voice of America "Impressaria Wants to Renew Golden Age of Opera"

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MIND & MACHINE: Future Forward Look at Stage, Theater, Music and Opera with Beth Morrison

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iCadenza Creative Careers Podcast: Episode 24 with Beth Morrison

"How do you take an idea and turn it into an opera?"

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Opera News "Original Blend"

"Beth Morrison — is breaking out as a national brand poised to place cutting-edge opera center stage."

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The Daily Beast "The Battle to Make Opera Cool"

"Morrison hopes the progress at these risk-taking opera houses might convince the fairly conservative opera industry to take more chances."

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The Wall Street Journal "A Modern Day Diaghilev"

"Raven-haired and reportedly unflappable, Ms. Morrison may be immortalized one day as a 21st-century Diaghilev, known for her ability to assemble memorable collaborations among artists. But unlike Sergei Diaghilev, renowned for his legendary Ballets Russes productions, her métier is experimental music-theater—'indie' opera and multimedia concert works."

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